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It all started in 1994 where the Amical chess club has been founded.

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“We are committed to promoting the game of chess locally, nationally and internationally with a specific focus on bringing the benefits of chess to Beirut .”

Elie Khairallah, Co-Founder

Who We Are

The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Amicale Notre Dame educational organization, is recognized as one of the best chess facilities in Lebanon.

Five of our players have already “ELO-FIDE”(2000-2300)
Two I.A and one N.A Arbiters are continually within our reach for competitions.

Our club is in direct communication and collaboration with the following clubs :
1- Sharjah Chess & Cultural Club (U.A..E) since 2004
2- Sherli (Magic) Chess Club –Tashkent (UZB) since 2011
3- Istanbul Chess Club (TUR) since 2012

We are coached by
1. Mr. TIBOR CAROLY (IM) Hungary(1999)
2. Mr. EVGUENI ERMENKOV (GM) Bulgaria (2000 - 2002)
3. Mr. MAGARAM MAGOMEDOV (GM) Russia (2004)
4. Mr. IGOR RAUSIS (GM) Latvia (2009)
5. Mr. ALEXEI BARSOV (GM) Uzbekistan (2011)
6. Mr. ALEXANDER NOSENKO (GM) Ukraine (2012 -2013)
7. Mr. ALEXANDER RAETSKY (GM) Russia (2014 -2015)
8. Mr. Hatim Ibrahim (IM) Egypt (2016)

What We Do

We accommodate more than a hundred player in our 100 square meter hall for chess tournaments.
We opened our doors in 1994 and since then we organized the following :

1- Juniors and women’s chess tournament.
2- The Lebanese Club’s Championship .
3- 12 International tournaments including(Asian and Arab events).
4- Annual Christmas tournament + friendly tournament in the Amicale.

Our Scholastic Outreach Initiative spreads the educational benefits of chess to hundreds of students primarily through the after-school program.
- We’re a member-based community center where players of all skill levels and abilities, from beginner to expert, attend our free classes, participate in tournaments, attend lectures, take private lessons and more.
- We promote chess at the top local levels by hosting first division chess tournaments and Beirut international Open and we are one of the top 3 teams in Lebanon.

Membership to the club starts at just $10/month, and we currently have more than 50 active members. We’re open 2 days a week for casual play specifically Wednesday and Friday between 8 pm and 12 pm, and we also offer free classes and lectures, monthly tournaments, private lessons and more .

Meet Our Team

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John Dagher

John Dagher

Board of trustees

Takis Nikolopoulos

Chief Arbiter

Elie Khairallah

Championship Director

Nickolas Saliba

Technology consultant